• Soil disinfection

Preparation, soil disinfection

Why use low-pressures steam for disinfecting ground soil, but also for disinfecting the substratum like planting soil and composts?

With SIMOX low-pressure steam generators, the principal is to bring the ground to a temperature high enough to destroy a maximum amount of parasites and weeds while respecting the micro organisms useful for cultivation.

Polyvalent, quick and effective:  insects, larvae and particularly pathogenic seeds of cryptogamic diseases are destroyed.  The low-pressure steam is extremely efficient, contrary to selective chemical products.  Here are several uses for the disinfecting of ground soil using low-pressure steam generators:

  • Weed-killing treatment
  • Fungicidal treatment
  • Nematicidal treatment
  • Insectidal treatment
  • Anti-viral treatment

A healthy and natural method:  no toxic residue left in the ground, nor in the harvested products, disinfecting the ground soil with steam plays an important role in the fight against pollution and the return to an improved biological balance.

It is possible to plant new seeds immediately at the end of the steam disinfecting process.

Advantages and benefits on the ground soil from the heat treatment:

  • Improved assimilation of elements by the soil.
  • Respect for bacterial activity, as the temperature does not go above 90°C.

Effects on the germination, favorable actions on the health and balance of the plants:

  • More developed root systems
  • Higher level of chlorophyll
  • Regularity and luxuriance of the vegetation

100% weed-killing:  Roots and seeds of the weeds are scorched thanks to the steam vapor.  Weeds are eliminated.

Good to know

  • On a farm operation, a steam generator is amortized by the elimination of weed control. 
  • The over-heated steam at high temperatures (170° to 180°) increases its penetration rapidity into the soil and reduces the disinfection time by about 20%, thus reducing costs..
  • Associated with high thermal outputs, our steam generators have the lowest disinfection costs per hectare on the market.

Choose a 100% natural solution to disinfect ground soil, without chemical products.

The different methods for ground soil disinfection

Disinfection manually under metal bell covers:  used in greenhouses and in open fields, treating 10-12 cm deep surfaces, and up to 20 cm deep.  A good solution for many farmer’s market gardeners.

Disinfection under plastic sheets:  sometimes used for “surface” disinfection, used as necessary for “deep” disinfecting (over 25 cm).  The length of time the plastic sheet covers the ground soil depends on the depth to be treated.  At equal depth, the outcome is not as effective as the bell cover.

Disinfection under metal bell covers transported by a tractor:  The tractor manages the handling of the bell covers by fixing a hydraulic lift to three points on the tractor.  A special tool is used on the tire tracks.

Disinfection with SME support for electric motors:  A support with 4 electrically motorized steel discs allows for transporting 3 bell covers.  Particularly adapted for flat disinfection in greenhouses.

Disinfection with semi-automatic machine:  The bell cover(s)  (1-3-4-5) are fixed on a self-supporting frame of the steam generator.  A system of hydraulic jacks allows for lifting as the tractor advances.  Without leaving the tractor, the bells are arranged for transportation, when not in use, by hydraulic jacks.  A generator, a fuel tank and a water hose reel (up to 300 m) allows for the machine to be autonomous.  The bell covers are placed directly under the steam generator, thus improving output and efficiency as the disinfection time can be reduced to 3mn.  The output is significantly improved.

Disinfection with an automatic machine:  with our partner, the SIMON Company, the tractor used with the semi-automatic machine is replaced by an automatic motor permitting disinfection work in complete autonomy.

Discover more technical information and examples on our low-pressure steam generator solutions with bell covers or plastic sheets.

SIMOX Accessories

Disinfection bell cover

  • Made to order
  • Aluminum structure considerably reduces the weight of the bell covers
  • Anti-corrosion aluminum deck
  • Calculated steam distribution

Handling lever type P.O.L. (side wheels)

  • Effortless removal of bell cover

Handling lever type P.O.L. (side wheels)

  • Handling lever type B.D.R. (front wheels)
  • Made to your dimensions
  • Adapted to large dimensioned bell covers (12m²)
  • Aluminum structure, steel roller
  • Almost effortless removal of bell cover

Special steam plastic sheet for disinfecting ground soil

  • Quality 1000 DTX – 500g/m²
  • Average life span:  +10 years
  • Delivered to your dimensions
  • Sand sacks of 1 meter for the perimeter

Tippers for disinfecting potting soil
Capacity:  ½ of m3; 1m3 or on demand

Winder / Unwinder for disinfecting plastic sheets


  • Thermometers for controlling the temperature of the disinfected soil (100, 200, or 400 mm in depth)

In conclusion

Superheated, professional low-pressure steam generators designed for disinfecting and preparing ground soil, substrates, and compost for :

  • Farmers
  • Farmer’s market gardeners
  • Horticulturists
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouse growers
  • Seed Producers
  • Agricultural Research Centers
  • Organic farmers
  • Responsible farmers

The disinfection and preparation of the ground soil, substrates, and composts with low-pressure steam is a natural method, 100% ecological which creates better outputs!