• Applications

Soil disinfection

With SIMOX low-pressure steam generators, the principal is to bring the ground to a temperature high enough to destroy a maximum amount of parasites and weeds while respecting the micro organisms useful for cultivation.

Why use low-pressures steam for disinfecting ground soil, but also for disinfecting the substratum like planting soil and composts?

Polyvalent, quick and effective:  insects, larvae and particularly pathogenic seeds of cryptogamic diseases are destroyed.  The low-pressure steam is extremely efficient, contrary to selective chemical products.  Here are several uses for the disinfecting of ground soil using low-pressure steam generators:

  • Weed-killing treatment
  • Fungicidal treatment
  • Nematicidal treatment
  • Insectidal treatment
  • Anti-viral treatment

A healthy and natural method:  no toxic residue left in the ground, nor in the harvested products, disinfecting the ground soil with steam plays an important role in the fight against pollution and the return to an improved biological balance.

It is possible to plant new seeds immediately at the end of the steam disinfecting process.

Advantages and benefits on the ground soil from the heat treatment:

  • Improved assimilation of elements by the soil.
  • Respect for bacterial activity, as the temperature does not go above 90°C.

Effects on the germination, favorable actions on the health and balance of the plants:

  • More developed root systems
  • Higher level of chlorophyll
  • Regularity and luxuriance of the vegetation

100% weed-killing:  Roots and seeds of the weeds are scorched thanks to the steam vapor.  Weeds are eliminated.

Good to know

  • On a farm operation, a steam generator is amortized by the elimination of weed control.
  • The over-heated steam at high temperatures (170° to 180°) increases its penetration rapidity into the soil and reduces the disinfection time by about 20%, thus reducing costs.
  • Associated with high thermal outputs, our steam generators have the lowest disinfection costs per hectare on the market.

Choose a 100% natural solution to disinfect ground soil, without chemical products.

Production of warm concrete

The fastest solution for warm concrete!

The principle of producing warm concrete with low-pressure steam

The use of low-pressure steam in making warm concrete is firstly useful to thaw the central unit for production.

The steam is used to warm the aggregates or the water in order to obtain warm concrete at an optimal temperature for an improved adhesion and solidity of the concrete, notably with low temperatures during the winter.

A minimum temperature for concrete at 15°C can be imposed in the worksite specifications.

The principle of warming the aggregates:  it allows the thawing of the aggregates in the receiving hoppers and the storage areas.  This permits the concrete central unit to function in temperatures as low as -40°C.

The supply of steam is:

  • Directly from the base of the receiving hoppers or
  • By the bias of special pipes implanted in the aggregates, in their storage areas.
  • For the thawing of equipment

The low-pressure steam serves also in the production of hot water which is an essential element for the best results in the production of warm concrete.  Quality warm concrete is obtained with:

  • The heating of the aggregates,
  • Adding warm water for mixing supplied by the “SIMOX Hot Water Production group” allowing for large volumes of water at a constant temperature.

This assemblage allows for an optimal regularization in the heat supply between the aggregates and the mixing of the water.  In this way, the concrete obtained can have a temperature above 15°C, no matter the exterior temperature.  Their mobility makes the SIMOX Hot Water Production group easy to use.  An ultra resistant system allows for daily use.

Why use the low-pressure steam in the making of warm concrete?

For the pouring of boards, floors, frameworks of all types, light and heavy prefabricated items, in the workshop or on-site:  reduces the time between the pouring of the concrete and the removal of the framework (1/2 to 5/6)

  • Allows for the thawing of the concrete central unit for production
  • Meets the contractual obligation to pour concrete at minimum 15°C
  • Ensures the adhesion of the concrete and diminishes the time
  • Permits rapid framework removal

The low-pressure steam has a heat exchange capacity which is higher than hot air.

The aggregates remain at a stable temperature.

Accessories for warm concrete production
  • Hot water production group
  • Perforated tubes for the diffusion of the steam in the aggregates
  • Steam heat for heating of buildings / concrete central unit
  • Steam / water exchanger for floor heating, storage aggregates
  • Perforated ramps
  • Mobile heat ready to use: steam generator, hot water heater, fuel tank, auxiliary heating,
  • Material for water treatment (water softener, dosing pump) to improve the duration and adhesion of the steam generator (Generator non-guaranteed without adequate water treatment and follow-up)

Choose the mobile heating containers for rent, a key solution for on-site work with a low-pressure steam generator, a fuel tank, the hot water production and all of the exterior plumbing and connections.

In conclusion

Low-pressure steam generator solutions, to meet the specific needs of construction professionals.  Producing warm concrete, warming the aggregates and producing hot water with the SIMOX solutions allow to produce in low temperatures, while creating high-quality products and optimized output thanks to a more rapid adhesion.

Steaming of concrete

The solution for accelerated molding rotations!

Principle of steaming concrete

Obtain faster adhesion?  Concrete with a high compression resistance?  A cleaner, more homogeneous  concrete?  The possibility of manipulating your prefabricated items faster?

Our solutions of SIMOX low-pressure steam will allow you to answer these challenges on your work sites.

Why use the low-pressure steam to dry pre-stressed prefabricated items?

The low-pressure steam for accelerated drying allows for:

  • Fast unmolding with accelerated rotation of the molds and frameworks from 2 to 3 times per day,
  • Improved uniformity for pre-stressed beams, prefabricated tiles,
  • More reliable quality,
  • Possibilities for stocking and delivering for important work sites, notably with the possibility to adjust the drying air, but also earlier delivery (highway beams),
  • Improved resistance while reducing the setting and de-molding time,
  • Possibility to follow temperature curves,
  • Drying cycle up to 70° to 80° C,
  • Maximum utilization of planks
Accessories for concrete steam drying
  • Mobile heating unit with integrated regulation valves
  • Material for water treatment (softening, regulating pump) to improve the length and the adhesion of the steam generator (Generator not guaranteed without adequate water treatment and follow-up).

In conclusion

Choose the SIMOX solutions for steam drying concrete (blocks, prefabricated, pre-stressed) for optimizing work site planning.  The best output thanks to quicker rotations, more important storage and delivery solutions.


Distillation and extraction

The solution for extracting elements using low-pressure steam

Principle of distillation by low-pressure steam

The low-pressure steam is the perfect solution in the essential oils extraction process, in the production of aromas, in the making of beer and distilled alcohols.  Thanks to the principles of:

  • Direct heating of the water
  • Double-skinned distillation
  • Distillation of essential oils by steam stripping
Why use low-pressure steam for distillation?

The low-pressure steam is not subject to specific standards.  It is used for distillation purposes from 50 to 2000 kg/steam while staying within the standard limits.

  • Return condensation tanks
  • Material for water treatment (softening, regulating pump) to improve the length and the adhesion of the steam generator (Generator not guaranteed without adequate water treatment and follow-up).

In conclusion

Low-pressure steam generator solutions answer the specific needs of industry professionals:    Distillation, animal food, liquid heating, sterilization, sauna laundry services, pipe reparation, and destruction of organic materials.

Animal Food

The optimal solution for making composed feed and granules for livestock.

Principle of making animal food with low-pressure steam

The low-pressure steam generators contribute to the making of animal food for livestock with the injection of steam in the pellet-making process.

Why use low-pressure steam to make animal food?

The low-pressure steam used in the production of pellets for livestock contributes:

  • To the improved productivity of the pellet press (in volume produced)
  • To increase the longevity of the pellet production mechanisms
  • To ensure the pellet compactness
  • Material for water treatment (softening, regulating pump) to improve the length and the adhesion of the steam generator (Generator not guaranteed without adequate water treatment and follow-up).
  • Wide range of steam products (regulation valves at the press entrances).

In conclusion

The low-pressure steam generators used in the making of livestock pellets contributes to the optimization of production output while increasing the life span of the production mechanisms and allowing for improved compactness.


The 100% ecological weeding solution for green spaces!

Principles of Polyvap, the low-pressure steam generator

Efficient and precise weeding and disinfection of green spaces, only using steam.  The ideal solution to replace chemical products.  The weeds and moss are destroyed thanks to an immediate overall coverage by the steam heated to over 170°C.

Using the low-pressure steam:  ecological weeding.

Why use low-pressure steam for cleaning and disinfecting urban areas?

100% complete weeding:  weeds are scorched by the steam.
Moss is destroyed.
Autonomy:  4 ½ to 5 hours minimum continuous autonomy (with a generator and water tank).
Efficiency:  continuous progression.
Simplicity:  No particular qualification is necessary for the employees using the machine.
Profitability:  Polyvalent for annual uses like weeding, disinfection (composts, sand boxes, ground soil preparation for flowerbeds, cleaning, and removal of glued signage).
Maneuverability:  Use on any surface (flat and slanted areas).
Safe use, without danger:  low-pressure steam (no flames, no chemical products).
Respects the physiognomy of treated surfaces (graveled surfaces).
Reliability:  Equipped with a smoke tube steam generator with which can function continuously for over 12 hours a day.

Good to know

Economical:  low use of water and energy

Ecological:  Weeding by steam combats against pollution, it’s a healthy and natural method which preserves the ground water.

Polyvap is the answer for restrictions imposed by Green Space Maintenance services.

  • Urban weeding of roads, paths, sidewalks, cemeteries, parking lots, playgrounds, etc.
  • Weeding and disinfection of ground soil before planting: layers, frames, beds, flower beds, greenhouses, etc …
  • Weeding and disinfection of composts and substrates
  • Complete destruction of moss.
  • Disinfection of sandboxes in playgrounds and in public toilets.
  • Removal of glued signage.
Accessories and Polyvap models

Polyvap 2000 for 1 user (mounted onto a trailer allowing up to 1200 kg).
Polyvap 2001 for 2 users (on 3.5t truck chassis or adapted trailer).
Polyvap oversized (2002, 2004) to be evaluated according to needs
Weeding bell covers:  continuous progression width according to power
Disinfection bell covers:  1m² or 2m² (optional)
Nozzle lances for use in narrow locations.
Various powers available according to needs.

Good to know

Water consummation:  60L/h (POLYVAP 2000); 100L/h (POLYVAP 2001)
Energy:  fuel or vegetable oil is optional (recuperation from school cafeterias).

Delivered completely equipped, autonomous and ready to use with a generator and a water tank (300 to 450 L)

In conclusion

SIMOX is a partner of municipalities for over 65 years bringing low-pressure steam generator solutions which are 100% ecological for weeding in urban areas.  This is an alternative to chemical weeding which gives better results!  Take a look at these Polyvap solutions: 

Repairing of pipes and plumbing

Principles of repairing pipes and plumbing by low-pressure steam

The repairing of pipes, plumbing and sewage systems by fiber glass socks.

The low-pressure steam is used in the process of polymerization of glues.

Heating of liquids, viscous products, heavy and gas-freeing products

An industrial solution

Principles of heating of liquids, viscous products, heavy and gas-freeing products

Superheated or saturated low-pressure steam is an excellent thermal way to heat liquids (water, milk,…) up to 110°C, for thawing or cooking.

Some materials need to be warmed to make them liquid and allow them to be pumped.  This is the case with viscous products (crude oils, paraffin, molasses…)

The low-pressure steam by injection or in tanks with doubled-skin allows for warming in the grape harvest and cooking processes (potatoes, shrimp, soup for swines, …)

In conclusion

Low-pressure steam solutions to answer specific professional industrial needs.  The low-pressure steam to warm liquids and viscous products is an economical solution which optimizes output.

Timber drying

Principle of timber drying by low-pressure steam.

The wood undergoes low-pressure steam to soften the tissue and push through the resin.  This allows obtaining a low level of humidity, in a progressive manner.

Why use low-pressure steam for timber drying?

Timber drying by low-pressure steam is a method that is

  • Economical
  • Not subject to official standards

Mobile heating.
Material for water treatment (softening, regulating pump) to improve the length and the adhesion of the steam generator (Generator not guaranteed without adequate water treatment and follow-up).

In conclusion

The solutions of low-pressure steam generators answer the specific needs of industrial professionals.  The low-pressure steam for timber drying is economical and natural…

Sterilization, Disinfection

The solution for the wine-making and food industries.

Principle for sterilization by low-pressure steam.

The sterilization and disinfection by low-pressure steam is an ideal method for wine barrels and the contents in the wine-making and food industries, but equally for the disinfection of substrates in the production of mushrooms.

Why use the low-pressure steam for sterilization?

This method is:

  • Quick and efficient,
  • Economical,
  • Natural,
  • Not subject to standards as with high-pressure steam, which allows you to maintain high output.

Material for water treatment (softening, regulating pump) to improve the length and the adhesion of the steam generator (Generator not guaranteed without adequate water treatment and follow-up).

Destruction of organic materials

The solution for Agricultural Research Centers.

Principle for the destruction of organic matter by low-pressure steam.

The destruction of organic matter by low-pressure steam answers needs of public and private Agricultural Research Centers where the destruction of organic matter created through research is mandatory.  SIMOX proposes these solutions adapted to this obligation with low-pressure steam generators heated to distribute steam at 170°C in order to destroy organic matter.


Disinfection collecting tanks adapted to destroy organic matter.

SIMOX partners with Agricultural Research Centers!

Low-pressure steam generators answer the needs of specific agricultural industries.  The low-pressure steam answers obligations for the destruction of organic matter created through research by public and private agricultural research centers…

Hammam – Laundry services

The solution for hammam professionals

Principles of low-pressure steam for saunas and laundry services

SIMOX has developed specific solutions for hammams, professional steam baths, and for large water parks

The laundry services industry equally uses the low-pressure superheated steam.


Material for water treatment (softening, regulating pump) to improve the length and the adhesion of the steam generator (Generator not guaranteed without adequate water treatment and follow-up).

In conclusion

Low-pressure steam is a quick, efficient and more economical solution answering the specific needs of professionals in water parks, well-being, and laundry services industries.