• Simox advantages

Reliability, output, and ecology

SIMOX, specialists in low-pressure steam generators for over 65 years!

Constantly searching for new energies and new technologies, SIMOX proposes solutions adapted to various actors in the areas of agriculture, green spaces, industry and construction.

Reliability, output, and ecology are the main words at SIMOX.  Low-pressure, steam generators:

  • Reliability:  other than their design techniques, the SIMOX generators of low-pressure steam ensure a good valorization of consumed energy (fuel, domestic oil, or gas).  The control equipment for quality provides an excellent, exemplary reliability!  Low maintenance fees contribute to quickly amortizing the investment.
  • Robustness:  The generators with steel steam tubes for boilers specifically chosen with high-security coefficient thicknesses.
  • Safeness: Classed as low-pressure (0,5 bar), they are tested at over 2 bars in the SIMOX workshops.
  •  Simplicity:  Easy use and maintenance, they are readily used by employees without needing any specific qualifications.

SIMOX also accompanies our customers when implementing the requested solutions and calculating the thermal needs.

Discover the range of SIMOX accessories for your interventions and on-site jobs; bell covers, nozzle lances, special plastic sheets for steam, disinfecting retaining tanks, mobile heating units, hot water production units, water treatment, regulation, …

Solutions for Professionals

Professionals in Agriculture and Green Spaces

  • Farmers
  • Farmer’s market gardeners
  • Horticulturists
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouse growers
  • Seed Producers
  • Agricultural Research Centers
  • Organic farmers
  • Responsible farmers

Professionals in Construction and Public Works

  • Concrete producing units
  • Prefabricated concrete

Professionals in the Food Industry

  • Making of animal food (pellets)
  • Milk industry
  • Wine-making industry
  • Production of fruit and vegetable juices
  • Mushroom production
  • Cooking of food

Professionals in the petroleum industry

  • Degassing of hydrocarbon tanks
  • Heating of heavy products for transportation
  • Recuperation of residue through heating

Professionals in the Distillation Industry (flavors and fragrances)

  • Extraction of essential oils
  • Alcohol distillation
  • Brasseries

Professionals of Barrels

  • Timber drying
  • Wood Barrels
  • Reparation of old equipment


  • Heating of swimming pools
  • Laundry services
  • Hammam
  • Reparation of pipes
  • Manufacture of storage tanks