Manufacturer of low-pressure generators

since more than 65 years.

Why use low-pressure steam?

Low-pressure steam is used in various applications:

  • Agriculture for disinfecting ground soil without using chemical products, especially in organic and responsible farming, farmer’s market gardening, seedling nurseries, greenhouses, horticulture, agronomic research institutes, compost preparation
  • Green Spaces for natural weeding, cleaning and disinfecting in urban areas for local communities and gardening companies
  • Construction and Public Works with the production of warm concrete during the winter months and thermal treatment of concrete in the construction industry, making of works of art, construction during extreme cold, and prefabricated materials.
  • Industry for distillation, for the making of granulated animal foods, polymerization of glues while repairing piping or tanks, degassing and cleaning of tanks, timber drying, animal food cooking, hammams, wine-making, beer making, fruit juice pasteurization, used as a thermal agent for the heating of liquid or viscous products (up to boiling point), laundry services, dairy industry, disinfection, for the food industry, trucks  cleaning .

Save time and money with the low-pressure steam generators SIMOX
, while being within the CE norms:  2006/42/CEE and additives – 2006/95/CEE – 2004/108/CEE

  • More economic than high-pressure steam,
  • Not subject to mandatory standards and periodic controls under the high-pressure directive 97/23/CEE

New at SIMOX

The SIMOX Company is constantly searching for new technologies / energies in order to answer our customers’ needs.  Discover the new products created by the low-pressure steam generator specialists.

SIMOX advantages

Reactivity, efficiency, made to order and 65 years of know-how and understanding of your businesses, quickly answering your specific needs in agriculture, green spaces, construction and industrial areas!  SIMOX, the manufacturer of low-pressure steam generators for professionals.

Steam generators

Low-pressure steam generators for professionals:  efficient and reliable.  Fixed or mobile versions for high adaptability to your needs and environment!  No matter your profession of farmer’s market gardener, agricultural professional, wine-maker, concrete industrial, or distillation professional, SIMOX proposes THE solution.

65 years of experience…

The SIMOX company, located near Geneva for over 65 years, is specialized in the making of professional low-pressure steam generators.  Historically present on the market, benefitting from a long experience of superheated low-pressure steam!  SIMOX is a manageable sized company, available and open to offer the best adapted solutions to your profession and environment where semi-automatic and automatic machines are working:  mobile heating units, creation of hot water.  SIMOX works in various areas like agriculture and green spaces, construction and public works, food industry, agricultural research centers, petroleum industry, distillery (flavors and fragrances), cooperage, and others like hammam and laundry services industry, etc.